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-P3 characters quotes-

Mitsuru: You'll fall by my hand!

Akihiko: ...You think it's the other way around, huh? I guess you're right...I was too obsessed with power... Ever since I lost Miki, that's all I've cared about... I thought that if I was strong enough, I could protect anyone... But, I was wrong... And now, you're gone too...I'm such an idiot.

Ryoji: I see... So I was confined within him! And I led him to my twelve missing pieces without realising it! And then... Ugh! I remember! I remember everything! It all makes sense now! Who... and what I am.

Mitsuru: I remember... Yes... With my father's death, I lost my purpose in life.

Mitsuru: I owe it all to my invaluable friends... and we have promised to never lose hope, no matter what tomorrow may bring!

Akihiko: In battle, there's always a chance of dying... I knew that! But... I was so focused on fighting that I didn't notice anything else! It didn't matter how tough I was! Look what happened!

Akihiko: Say something, will ya...? Why are you always like that? You're so stubborn. Put yourself in my shoes for a change...

Akihiko: ...You think it's the other way around, huh? I guess you're right...I was too obsessed with

Takaya: I have something much greater to accomplish... And since you have no means of destroying the Dark Hour, I will let you be... for now.

Chidori: Knowing that scared me... because I had never really thought about dying... And it made me realize that I wouldn't be with you anymore...

Chidori: When I'm with you, Junpei, I fear everything... I fear loss... I fear death... I fear that my time with you will end... That's why I...

Chidori: What I fear most isn't death. What I fear most is... attachment. Once I become attacked to something, I fear that I will lose it. That's why we only live for the moment... But you... you brought me pain... Pain that I didn't want... Pain that I never asked for...

Junpei: It doesn't make any sense! I mean, I know I'm not that smart, and I've done a lot of stupid stuff... But, we shouldn't be fighting like this!

Aigis: The sole purpose of my existence is to destroy shadows. For that reason, I was given a personality and a persona.

Aigis: Even so your strength was far greater than I anticipated. The only possible alternative was to seal you away. And as circumstance would have it, a suitable vessel was availiable. A human child standing nearby... so I did what was neccassary.